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PPC Insulators has over one hundred years of experience and is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the art porcelain insulators for overhead transmission lines, substations and electrostatic precipitator applications.

We serve customers across the globe who are involved in the energy and power sector.

PPC plant´s history dates back to 1887! With over 130 years of manufacturing knowledge, we have evolved and gained valuable experience to enable us to address the market requirements; our advanced production technology and guaranteed quality enables us to exceed our customers‘ expectations with sustainable insulation solutions that range from low-, high-, extra-high- to ultra-high-voltage (up to 800kV DC & 1200kV AC) applications.

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PPC MV portfolio

PPC MV product portfolio contains a broad scale of Medium Voltage IEC type post insulators, including the most frequently used H- and J- type post insulators, pin type, and T&D insulators

PPC is now able to respond quickly and comprehensively to customers demands regarding MV products

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